Grant Application Process

TCCMV Foundation has an open application period for project-based grant proposals from August 1st through September 15th of each calendar year.  The following steps comprise the grant application process.

1.  Submission of Grant Request
Non-profit organizations interested in requesting a grant from TCCMV Foundation must complete the application form.

2.  Review of Grant Request
At the close of the grant application window, a committee from the Foundation Board meets to review the proposals to determine if it meets the grant criteria.  The grant proposals that meet the criteria will be contacted by the Grants Chair to coordinate an interview with representatives from the organizations and the Foundation’s Board of Directors.  The grant requests that do not meet criteria will be informed by the Grants Chair.

3.  Allocation of Grant Monies
Following the interviews of all eligible grant requestors, the Foundation Board of Directors meets to determine which projects will be approved for funding.  Since the Foundation may receive grant requests in excess of available funds, we may approve an amount different from an original request.  Notification of grant request approval will be made in writing via an award letter outlining grant conditions following Board approval.  The approved grant amount distributed will be 90% initially.  The remaining 10% will be distributed upon receipt of the final project report.

Please note that the grant monies are to be used only for the purpose described in your grant request and according to the approved budget. The grantee will return to the Foundation any unexpended funds for the following reasons:   incomplete project; at the end of the grant period; if the Foundation determines that the grantee has not performed in accordance with the Grant Criteria and approved proposal and budget; or, if the grantee loses its exemption from Federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.